Long Horse Sighting

Long Horse Sighting


Trevor and lh

Long horse is a horse-like entity made up of bone and a mane. The only photos of the creature are of its long neck and nobody has ever seen its body; it is also one of the few creatures followed by the researcher Trevor Henderson to be captured on video (shown left).

It is said to not be hostile but to warn you of upcoming disasters so if you see long horse you should run. Not because it's there. But because of what it is warning you about.


Long horse has been here since the beginning of time. We know this because of cave drawings showing long horse in cave drawings. We believe Long horse is some kind of guardian towards humans and isn't one of a kind. We believe there is long horse as its full body has never been seen thus we can't see any way of it reproducing. We believe that it is a near godly creature and can infinitely extend to warn more people of disasters, but also beleive that it might be able to snap into multiple necks to warn multiple people at the same time, which shows that not just Trevor Henderson has encountered it and many others have. He just posted a photo of it and spread the word.

Other infoEdit

Long horse doesn't need to eat, drink, or sleep. We believe Long horse can make new neck segments at will. Long horse's neck is kind of like a finger and moves at joints. Long horse doesn't make any noise besides the cracking of neck segments

If you hear cracking, or see a long bony neck. Leave the area immediately. Or else mother nature will decide your fate.

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